Pudzianator is a video slot game featuring Mariusz Pudzian Pudzianowski a world-famous strongman and MMA Fighter who won five World’s Strongest Man titles.
Will you put up the fight with the Champion?

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You can play Pudzianator and other Promatic games
at TotalCasino.pl – the only legal Polish online casino

The Legendary Winged Hussars of Poland are getting ready for their next invincible glory. Enter the game and become a Knight of the world’s most famous cavalry.

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Many of Promatic slot games can be played at TotalCasino.pl – the only legal Polish online casino.

Disco King

Another great game from the branded series – Disco King, featuring Zenon Martyniuk – the Polish king of Disco Polo music.Awarded the „Product of the Year 2020” at Polish Gaming Aces gala 2021.

Sunny Beach

Hey Surfer! Are you heading to the beach now?
Great, our Sunny Beach is full of attractions. But watch out, some high wave is coming. Surf and swim well to win!

Freezing Fruits

Don’t be afraid to get cold when playing Freezing Fruits. In this world ice-cold seven is the most desirable, and although frozen, it will warm your heart up with the best wins.

Lucky Emots

Welcome to the world of crazy Emotes! Get ready for all the crazy emotions they show – some of them will wink at you, others will smile cheerfully. Will you manage to keep your poker face and get valuable bonuses?

Crazy 81+

Your favorite number today is 81! This crazy number will make this traditional fruit game even more exciting. Enter the game and see how Crazy your wins may be!

Hot Poly 7

Are you looking for a classic fruit slot? You will surely like Hot Poly 7!
If you hit a wall of sevens – you will get the biggest win!

Bonus Target

Move into the world of three sister-Princesses: Miss Pear, Miss Plum and Miss Strawberry. Watermelon and old man Grape constantly play games to take over the castle and take away their crown. Will the crazy Fool spoil their plans?


This branded game in the best possible way transfers strength and valor of Mariusz Pudzianowski, 5x World’s Strongest Man and current MMA fighter, into the world of video slot games. Will you put up the fight with Pudzianator?


The Legendary Winged Hussars of Poland are getting ready for their next invincible glory. Enter the game and become a Knight of the world’s most famous cavalry.

Wild Saloon

Bang! Bang! Welcome to our Wild Saloon! But this town ain’t big enough for the two of us so you either win or lose. Get yourself a fast horse and a good colt and get ready for a ride. Are you up for an adventure, cowboy?

Sin Reels

Move to the dark world of ghosts that ruled by the Death took over the graveyard. The Black Cat will show you the way to the beautiful Witch. Find her to create a spell that overcomes Death.

Galaxy Gems

Are you ready for a few spins that are out of this world? Galaxy Gems serves up a treat of some out of space symbols that will take each player to a totally different level of excitement.

Poseidon’s Gold Deluxe

Have you already won the heart of Poseidon’s daughter? The underwater world needs a daredevil who will show courage to guard the Poseidon’s gold hunted by greedy tritons.

Wooden Fruits

Bored with a simple fruit slot? With Wooden Fruit you can walk around a fruit market and get a basket full of fruit. Take a good look at the juicy watermelon that will enrich you with many vitamins!

Miss Joker

Get ready to head into the fortune world of Miss Joker, who lets you taste some of her luck. When you have her on your side, she will let you score some big prices. But never let her mislead you!

Energy 5 Reels

Feeling lack of energy? Revitalize your enthusiasm by playing Energy 5 Reels and get your head over the neon fruit bites. Regain your strength and feel even more energy to play!

Jumping Fruits

Jumping Fruits is one of our top fruit-theme slots that will surely put you in a great mood with your favorite sweet fruit pieces jumping happily all over the reels.

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe

Red Hot Sevens Deluxe is a renewed version of a loved and popular classic fruit game. Enter the game, hit classic sevens and get even more opportunities to win!

Devil’s Fruits

Strong infernal powers of this custom fruit game will create the flames of fire increasing your desire to win! Some winning symbols are true devil’s fruits and will multiply your wins by x3, x4 or even x5!



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